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The Posavje Region with its pleasant rolling hills, easygoing rivers, sun basking vineyards and mysterious castles attracts those looking for adventure, as well as all those in search of pristine relaxation.

Add fantastic wines and excellent cuisine, and it's a land you'll be thrilled to revisit so you can savour it time and again.

Outstanding wine and gastronomy enjoyment is found in the Klet Krško wine cellar, where we'll be taking you into the world of local myth and legend through exquisite wine tastings, gladly advising you how to best spend your day in the Posavje Region.

Some tips to experience Posavje follow below ...

Dining experiences


In the quaint village of Šentjanž lies the Repovž Inn boasting a charming rustic setting for a memorable food experience. The organic farm/inn boasts a cosy atmosphere, great hospitality and excellent service. Most of the ingredients used are from the farm’s own organic garden, giving the tasting menu a whole new flavour dimension. Good food is accompanied with premium wines for a culinary experience par excellence. The inn blends Slovenian country cooking and top cuisine, making it one of the foodie hot spots in the Dolenjska Region and Slovenia.

Tri lučke

Nestled among the vineyards overlooking Krško, is the restaurant plus tiny luxury hotel Tri Lučke whose delectable food offer and friendly staff make for a great guest experience. The menu, aligned with the ever-changing seasons, features dishes made from seasonal ingredients fresh from the garden. The servers will gladly recommend the right wines to take your meal to the next level for a mind-blowing meal.


The list of recommendations is seasonal, and offers dishes incorporating super fresh ingredients available at that time. The right wine, as recommended by the experienced wait staff, will bring out the best in your food. The wines are local, fine-tuned to match the menu, and the wine list changes with the seasons and guest expectations. The goal is to create an enjoyable atmosphere that will keep guests coming back, bring their own guests and friends along, and spread the message.

Outdoor pursuits

Sport fishing

The rivers across the Posavska Region (Mirna, Sava and Krka) are plentiful with fish such as Prussian carp, rudd, chub, carp, pike, catfish, bream, nase, cactus roach, perch, tench, pikeperch, rainbow trout, roach, grass carp, bleak, bullhead and others. The Sava and Krka can be explored on canoe or kayak, opening up even more sport fishing opportunities in the region. Aside from the rivers, fishing is possible in the ponds and clear streams across the Posavska Region.

Active hike to Mt Lisca

Scale the highest mountain in the region – the 948-metre-high Lisca with trails suitable for hikers young and old, whether beginner or pro. One can also climb the via ferrata. For a rush of adrenaline, you can go skydiving.

The world of energy

Interactive multimedia centre for an electrifying journey into the world of energy and energetics powered by the electricity provider GEN-I. Free viewing from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm (approx. 2 hours).

Raceland Krško

For a high-octane adventure head over to Raceland Krško, with a view of the Nuclear Power Plant Krško. The full circuit is 1050 metres long, and features 16 turns with a width of 8-9 meters. In terms of safety, it's one of the safest tracks around, with runoff areas wider than required by regulations. Racers describe the circuit as highly technical due to its variety and elevation difference of 4m which is rare in kart racing.

Day-long outings in Posavska Region

Sevnica Castle

A guided tour of the Bläufränkisch wine cellar includes a wine tasting with traditional snacks. The castle park is the perfect backdrop for a serene picnic with exquisite wines and local delicacies. There is a little something extra provided in the picnic basket. After the tour of the castle, guests can take in the view of Sava River from the sunny patio while enjoying a slice of the elegant Melania cake.

Ajda Restaurant

A perfect little getaway in Sevnica, Hotel Ajdovec operates Restaurant Ajda which combines influences from near and far with great sophistication and love. Traditional cuisine inspires new gourmet pleasures. The knowledgeable team provides a stellar wine-and-dine experience.

Vimpolšek Farm

In a serene setting on the outskirts of the town, authentic flavours await guests. Incorporating home-grown vegetables and home-raised pork and chicken, the final touch for the dishes comes from the herbs picked from the garden. The food focuses on country-style cuisine and local comfort food with occasional modern interpretations without compromising its authenticity.

Gadova Peč Inn

Steeped in tradition, the inn is a typical family-run Slovenian gostilna. The inn scores points with fresh trout, pork roast, and in winter with meat and meat products traditionally made at the pig slaughter called koline. The ingredients are mostly grown on the farm or sourced from local farmers, ensuring freshness and seasonality. Local wines are a must with home-style fare.

Culture and art

Krško Museum

The Krško Citiy Museum is located in a building in which the famous polyhistor Johann Weichard Valvasor presumably died. The permanent exhibitions cover history, art and local luminaries. The following exhibitions are open: The First Resistance Fighters of Krško, The Valvasor Family in Krško and Valvasor’s Study Room, The Long Enlightened 18th Century, The Bourgeoise Josipina Hočevar, The Path of Mead and Honeybread Between Krško and Zagreb, and pieces by academy-trained painter Vladimir Štoviček.

Rajhenburg Castle

Rajhenburg Castle is a cultural monument of national significance, and after its renovation it finally reclaimed its status as one of the finest pieces of medieval castle architecture in Slovenia. The castle plays host to many permanent and temporary exhibitions such as Primož Kozmus’ Medals, The Trappist Order, Penal Institutions, Slovene Deportees, Images of Time and The Memories of Brestanica. It’s a scenic venue for cultural events, and features a chocolaterie and a museum shop.

Posavje Museum Brežice

Posavje Museum Brežice is set in the grand Brežice Castle that survived the centuries relatively intact. The museum covers the heritage of the area that is today split into the municipalities of Brežice, Krško and Sevnica. It features collections on archaeology, ethnology, art history, contemporary history, and a fine collection of Slovenian baroque painters. The castle’s architectural highlight is the Knight’s Hall with ornate 18th century frescoes.

Božidar Jakac Gallery

Located in Kostanjevica na Krki, the Božidar Jakac Gallery is inhabiting the former Carthusian Monastery. Permanent collections showcase exciting Slovenian artists, whereas Lamut’s Art Salon hosts projects by national and international artists. It also features the captivating Old Masters Collection which is owned by the Pleterje Charterhouse. The gardens of the former monastery complex display sculptures created during Forma Vivas, which is a traditional sculpture symposium with international attendance.

Posavje tourist attractions



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