Beli pinot (Pinot Blanc), 0.75 l

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A nice example, then, of the family of Pinots. Noir was the first, being one of the oldest grape varieties in Europe. Colour mutations led to the Gris and finally the Blanc, which all unravelled across France centuries ago. This makes the variety French in origin, though it thrives splendidly in many other European lands, including our Posavje winegrowing region where it is as varietal as can be: showing a pronounced fruitiness with hints of fresh apple, pear and quince. Our Classic has a medium body and gentle acidity, creating a soft and agreeable impression on the palate.

Sommelier recommends

Food pairing: Though not a Mediterranean variety, it doesn't shy away from the fruit of the sea: scampi, mussels, squid, octopus, whether grilled, served with sauce, pasta or rice. All these offer a hint of sweetness, pairing nicely with the acidity of the wine, creating a contrasting harmony on the palate. Meat lovers, fear not: grilled chicken, fried or roasted with potatoes, fish fillet or veal, all these are a sure hit with our Pinot Blanc.
Serving temperature: from 10 to 12 °C

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