Cviček PTP

International wine specialty

The land of Cviček PTP

Heavenly Dolenjska

"Where every month is May," wrote our poet Tone Pavček, an affectionate native of the land, adding: "serene, beautiful, rounded within with infinite grace ..."

A faithful description, indeed. Sun basked, with its lively assortment of hills, fertile soil and climate friendly to the vine, as well as many skilled and diligent winegrowers and winemakers, the Dolenjska winegrowing district bears a range of extraordinary wines. Foremost among them is the local and international wine specialty – Cviček PTP.

Cviček with tradition

The international wine specialty Cviček PTP is a wine with centuries of interesting history. It is unique for its officially recognized traditional blend of red, white and ‘pink’ varieties, an exception in European wine legislation.

Cviček with a recognized traditional denomination (PTP) from the Krško Wine Cellar excites with its gentle aroma of compelling quality, proven by a number of wine competition awards. It is a dry wine with low alcohol content, 10% abv at most, a proper representative of Dolenjska's colourful landscape. Light and fresh, smooth yet lively, Cviček PTP is just the wine for the modern lifestyle.

With its PTP mark, Cviček is protected by the European Union with the status of recognized traditional denomination. The PTP is a mark of quality, defining strict rules of production in its only officially recognized homeland, the winegrowing district of Dolenjska, Slovenia. Certainly unique!

A world of culinary pleasures

A Great Wine for Any Day

Cviček PTP from the Krško Wine Cellar goes great with relaxed company. It's characterized by a lively ruby colour and an invitingly fresh fruity aroma reminiscent of raspberries, strawberries and currant.

Cviček is an excellent wine for daily enjoyment, quite perfect for the contemporary lifestyle. Since it has no residual sugar, it's also suitable for diabetics. What's more, its culinary options are extensive as it matches splendidly with a variety of dishes, the lightness and liveliness of Cviček harmonising with a palette of flavours, especially those from the domain of roast meat, venison and dry meats. Cviček develops its fullest aroma when served at temperatures between 12 to 14 °C.

Taste Wines in our Fabulous Castle Cellar

The wine-giving Dolenjska welcomes among its rolling hills all the lovers of unspoilt nature, outdoors, castles, manors and picturesque history. We'll take you through our unique castle cellar, the home of our quality and premium wines, and in its pleasant ambience present our offer and the famous local specialty – CVIČEK PTP.


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