Cviček PTP

International wine specialty Cviček PTP, a curious wine with centuries of tradition.

Cviček PTP, 1 l


The sun-kissed, colourful hilly landscape of the Dolenjska winegrowing district, its fertile soil, specific climate and diligent hands write their own story in the world's palette of extraordinary wines. Centuries of practice have instructed our winemakers in the creation of quality premium wines, most notably the international specialty Cviček PTP. Our wines express the terroir and geographical origins of Dolenjska, the single officially recognized home of Cviček PTP.


The international wine specialty Cviček PTP is a wine with centuries of history. It is unique for its officially recognized traditional blend of red and white varieties, an exception in European wine legislation.

Cviček with a recognized traditional denomination (PTP) from the Krško Wine Cellar excites with its gentle flavour of compelling quality, proven by a number of wine competition awards. It pleases with its bright ruby colour, invitingly fresh fruity aroma of raspberries, strawberries and red currant, and great drinkability. Cviček is a dry wine with low alcohol volume, 10 % at most. Light, fresh, enjoyable yet lively, going down smoothly on any occasion, Cviček PTP is just the wine for the modern man.

With its PTP mark, Cviček is protected by the European Union with the status of recognized traditional denomination. The PTP is a mark of quality, defining strict rules of production in its only officially recognized homeland, the winegrowing district of Dolenjska, Slovenia. Certainly unique!


Cviček PTP from the Krško Wine Cellar goes great with relaxed and playful company. It is an excellent wine for daily enjoyment, quite perfect for the contemporary lifestyle.

In addition to its great flavour, Cviček PTP boasts a range of health benefits, having significantly less alcohol content and more acidity than other wines. In his book Cviček: Beverage, Food and Medicine Dr. Peter Kapš, MD, establishes Cviček's many beneficial effects on digestion, being a natural stimulant of digestive organs, boosting appetite, dispelling drowsiness, promoting circulation, helping those with low stomach acid as well as those with increased blood pressure. Since it has no residual sugar, it is also quite suitable for diabetics.

Food Pairing

Going down smoothly like no other, ruby reddish and translucent, invitingly fresh and fruity, with hints of raspberry, strawberry and currant – Cviček PTP from the Krško Wine Cellar, the perfect start to a merry event, especially when paired with choice dishes. It's already splendid as an aperitif, exciting the taste buds with its freshness and moderate acidity, preparing for the adventures to come. Let the banquet begin! Few delights surpass serving choice dry meats with a glass of premium Cviček. Add still-warm bread straight from the oven, and the enjoyment is heavenly indeed. Pork and sausage likes the happy-go-lucky wine of Dolenjska, too, and so do juicy roasts of this or that meat, going down splendidly with a glass of Cviček. Just mind the temperature, since Cviček's aromas are best experienced between 12 to 14 °C. At any rate, its lightness and pleasant texture fit just about any occasion. Having no residual sugar, diabetics can enjoy some as well.

Serving temperature

Cviček is best enjoyed at a temperature between 12 and 14 °C.

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