Modra frankinja (Blaufränkisch), 0.75 l

8,40 € 5,88 €

Comes in 0.75 l bottle, whichever you prefer. Don't be put off by the litre size, thinking it implies inferior quality. Our litre version is exactly as "Classic" as the one found in the standard wine bottle. The wine is varietal, with aromas of red, even more ripe fruit. The tannins are ripe as well, pleasantly soft and gentle, balanced with the harmonious and lasting structure of the wine. The smaller bottle offers similar sensations, with perhaps a touch of extra finesse.

Sommelier recommends

Food pairing: Red with red: a simple fact, tried and delicious. Dry meats, then: salami, ham, pork neck, bacon, pancetta, prosciutto. If you see pickles or pickled mushrooms, save them for the end. Bites with an over-sour taste water down the experience of fine wine, rendering it less enjoyable. Horseradish is an even worse offender, so pungent as to desensitize the taste buds. All these aren't essential anyway. Pork & sausage, steak, roast, lamb or venison though? You bet! And let's not forget the porcini.
Serving temperature: from 14 to 16 °C

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