Setting aside predicate wines, the Prestige line represents the pinnacle of our quality pyramid. It offers our Blaufränkisch Prestige and Blaufränkisch Gourmet: select sites and select grapes, pressed into select wines. “Great red wines” or grands vins as we call them require wood. With years of aging, the tannins are reshaped, becoming soft, sweetish and velvety as the wine acquires tertiary aromas. The Prestige line also rests in one-third new barriques and two-thirds used ones, so that the wood's impressions aren't too overpowering.

Modra frankinja Prestige Gourmet (Blaufränkisch), 0.75 l

Is there a notable difference between the Gourmet and the Prestige? In the care or the aging procedures, none. Both spend three years in barrels, and following alcohol fermentation or during it already, malolactic fermentation likewise takes course, transforming the sharper malic acid into the gentler lactic and simultaneously reducing total acidity. Then, the wine ages on fine lees, enriching and softening it. The only clear distinction is the grape selection where the Gourmet claims the very best produce offered by prime Sremič sites. A blind test would be handy in discerning any potential differences, best done in a relaxed company of wine lovers, inciting perhaps a curious debate. Everyone favouring Gourmet isn't a necessary fact here, since tastes naturally differ. At any rate, the Gourmet has everything offered by the Prestige, expanding further its depth and aromatic palette with emerging notes of plum jam, pepper, cloves, roast coffee ... Could anyone ask more of Blaufränkisch?

Food Pairing

As our advice goes: luxurious as well as long-aged reds simply love decanting. With this procedure, meaning the pouring of wine from the bottle into a decanter, two things are accomplished: first, the clear wine is separated from any potential sediment forming at the bottom of the bottle, a normal and expected phenomenon that doesn't affect the wine's quality; and second, the wine is aired, infused with oxygen so it can breathe after having been trapped in the bottle for so long, opening up so the aromas can release and expand which might take up to half an hour. Such wines deserve some patience and a dish to fit their stature: juicy beefsteak, crunchy roast melting in the mouth, venison in various sauces or aged cheese are great candidates.

Serving temperature

from 16 to 18 °C

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