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The heavenly Dolenjska – the land of Cviček. The Slovenian poet Tone Pavček once wrote that in his native region “months count only as Mays”, and praised its landscape in another of his hymn to Dolenjska as “peaceful, beautiful, fully-rounded and infinitely harmonious”. He was right. But Dolenjska is much more: an abundantly sunlit, animated hilly landscape, rich with fertile soil and a climate so favourable to grapevines cultivated by hardworking and skilful winegrowers and winemakers. Hence, the Dolenjska wine district offers a vast range of exceptional wines, and the one the stands out the most is the exclusive Cviček PTP.

Cviček PTP, 1 l

Cviček PTP, 1 l

3,70 €

Turn Classic Cviček PTP 0,75 l

Turn Classic Cviček PTP 0,75 l

4,20 €

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