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past inspiration
future vision
present delight

Colour, nose and palate

Colour: rosé colour, slightly opaque, unfiltered and thus with presence of sediment.
Nose: presence of fermentation aromas, fruity berries.
Palate: fresh, harmonious, extremely drinkable.

Sommelier recommends

Food pairing: as aperitif together with light fruit or seasonal vegetable dishes, under the bell meat (kid or lamb), seafood.
Serving temperature: 0-3 °C
Aging potential: 2 years.


Variety: Žametovka (also Žametna Črnina)


Story: Pet Nat is made entirely from the Žametovka variety. The wine has a highly distinct character, having fermented inside the bottle. The bubbles are lively and sizzling, mysterious until they burst playfully from the wine. The sugar has been fully fermented so the pét-nat is classified as a brut nature. It is bottled in the final phase of fermentation, without any additives, making each one perfectly unique. What they all have in common is a splendid expression of the variety in all its aspects. Each wine has its story Pet Nat is a wine flowing through modern urban myth. Everything goes, there are no limitations – rebellion, punk, futurism, surrealism all come together, shamelessly flirting with tradition from which it has extracted only the best. The bubbles grant it the privilege of sparkling wine, but the Pet Nat foregoes elite glamour. It prefers extravagant glasses over the elegant classics. It will enrapture wine lovers who seek daring discovery, and in gastronomy like to explore beyond frontiers of the known, challenging taboos and bringing the seemingly incompatible together. Pet Nat gazes into the future, into atoms and vibrations announcing new, fresh ideas. Like the wine creators that made it, it is young, inspired, pristine, bold and unstoppable. Dare to open one and try it?

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