We also call these superior quality wines or botrytis wines, since their outstanding character is contributed by noble rot or in short the Botrytis. Noble rot, isn't that an oxymoron? In special wines not at all, a necessity even. Nature works in mysterious ways. Unveil them by tasting our predicate wines, which don't emerge from the vineyard on just any vintage. Many things must go right, from perfectly healthy grapes to dry yet misty weather dragging deep into the autumn or early winter, and some hungry wild game to boot. Ice wine, on the other hand, requires frost during just the right season. Predicate wines – rare, phenomenal and unique.

Sauvignon, izbor (Sauvignon Blanc, Auslese), 0.5 l

At the lower end of the superior quality wines pyramid – though differences across, including the top, are practically negligible – Sauvignon Blanc is well suited to predicate making. The rule of thumb is that the higher the predicate, the more it starts losing its varietal character which starts making way for botrytis and over-ripe notes. Not always, though, and especially not in Sauvignon Blanc, which often surprises with its apparently sturdy and resilient characteristic aromas. It develops a beautifully shimmering colour of aged gold, showing hints of dry hay, paprika, peppermint, carob and tropical fruit on the nose. Characteristically varietal, then, with botrytis ripeness in the background. Due to the staple Sauvignon acidity, which makes the wine go down smoothly despite the sugar, it'll hold on for years to come.

Food Pairing

A selection, a challenge. Looking for the best fit between food and wine, in this case both from sweet domains, the palate must sense the flavours together so that the dish doesn't overpower the wine or vice versa, but a melody instead plays out harmoniously in the mouth, both parts contributing to a whole greater than their sum. You can even try and match the specific aromas, paralleling the peppermint, carob and tropical fruit hints of the wine with mint, carob and tropical fruits in a dessert. Let pastry imagination run wild!

Serving temperature

between 13 and 15 °C

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Sauvignon izbor 0,5 l, 2010 61,00 €


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