Turn Emotion Rose 0,75 L

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Stir your emotions with scintillating bubbles

Colour, nose and palate

Colour: salmon pink.
Nose: red berries, mostly raspberries.
Palate: lovely balance of acidity and sweetness, enjoyably drinkable.

Sommelier recommends

Food pairing: works well as an aperitif and with desserts.
Serving temperature: 4–6 °C.
Aging potential: 2 years.


Variety: Blaufränkisch


Story: My tongue is a sophisticated tasting instrument, fine-tuned to the vibrations of the delicate bubbles. Once they release their sensuality into the glass, a divine melody emerges from this sparkly interplay. With its poetic, passionate, vibrant and sensual energy, Turn Emotion Rose transcends Turn’s established story frame. It is a collision of different energies that culminate in an amazing sensory experience. At once dynamic and demure, this wine was created by a young and driven team that is focused on bringing you a drink for those moments when all you want is to enjoy a warm summer evening. Let it touch your lips, let it be seduced by your tongue. With every taste bud fired up and ready to go, take it in with every fibre of your being. Once you start feeling the bubbles, the seasons within you will start shifting towards summer.

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