Turn Premium Bela penina MAGNUM 1,5 l

29,80 €

This sparkling white is a most begulling flirt flaunting fruity freshness, a creamy texture, and is always down to play. The domesticated Kraljevina – the predominant variety in the blend – gives the wine its local flair. It is bottle-aged for at least 18 months according to the traditional Champagne method, resulting in oh-so-enticing strings of pearls.

Colour, nose and palate

Colour: soft yellow with a greenish hue.
Nose: blend of citrus and almonds.
Palate: creamy with a lovely balance of acidity and sweetness.

Sommelier recommends

Food pairing: works well as an aperitif, with savoury snacks and appetizers.
Aging potential: 2 years.


Variety: Kraljevina


Story: A mysterious castle spellbound by delicate bubbles. There is something regal, sensual but also haughty about Turn Premium’s sparkling white. As such, it made sense to intertwine its story with the mysterious Šrajbarski Turn Castle located next door to the Klet Krško wine cellar, brimming with its own exciting stories. The castle abounds with tales that are rife with love and longing, abundance and loss, soul-searching and the pursuit of worldly pleasures. At the centre of one story are the poet Count Anton Alexander Auersperg and his wife Countess Maria Attems, herself an accomplished painter. They loved their castle nestled among the rolling hills that yielded a plentiful grape harvest, and delighted in the wine produced in their ancient wine cellar. The sensuousness of the beauty around them fuelled their artistic endeavours and gave them inspiration which continues to make the moments shared over a bottle of our wine so special to this day.

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