TURN Premium Beli pinot 0,75 L

14,95 €

Full of character. A balanced blend of minerality and texture to mirror subdued sensuality.

This Pinot Blanc captivates with its sensuality. The initially buttery mouthfeel slowly turns into a spicy smoothness for a truly long-lasting finish. A sophisticated nose, minerality and rich texture are the hallmarks of the Sremič site. Full of character. Beli Pinot Premium.

Colour, nose and palate

Colour: deep golden yellow.
Nose: excellent varietal character of citrus and spicy notes.
Palate: dry with an abundant buttery texture and a full body.

Sommelier recommends

Food pairing: goes well with sea food, pork and aged cheese.
Serving temperature: 10–12 °C.
Aging potential: 5 years.


Variety: Pinot Blanc.


Story: Slowly making its way up a steep hill, precious cargo is being hauled by an obedient team of oxen. Splashing against the walls of the wine barrels, restless new wine is frolicking inside the vessels. As an homage to the lost tradition of hauling wine with ox-drawn carts, the bottle design depicts a wheel. The Ancient Romans, who were presumably the ones who first introduced grapevines to this area, were our inspiration. The area along the present-day route Drnovo–Cerklje ob Krki coincides with the southeast Roman necropolis of Neviodunum (today Drnovo pri Krškem) and the site of the radial road and the ancient south water supply system. It was in a tomb at this necropolis, where archaeologists discovered a fresco depicting a pair of oxen pulling a cart with a massive wine barrel. For us, this only confirmed our belief that the love of wine spans millennia and was shared by those long before us. The Romans in particular were wine fans, with a penchant for varietal wines. Striving to incorporate ancient winemaking traditions into modern wines, we are passionate about passing our knowledge and secrets on to new generations.

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