Turn Premium Modra frankinja 0,75 L

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Great varietal intensity with a modern twist

Dominating over Krško, the Sremič vineyard grows vines that produce a sophisticated wine with a very distinct character. Once the wine hits your taste buds, it develops a velvety, scrumptios flavour full of minerality, and slowly transitions into a long pleasantly full finish. It’s designed to be beguiling and fully embraced.

Colour, nose and palate

Colour: dark ruby red with purple reflections.
Nose: appealing notes of ripe soft fruit.
Palate: soft and balanced, with elegant and mature tannins, a long and warm finish.

Sommelier recommends

Food pairing: excellent with steak covered with pepper or garlic sauce, beefsteak, beefsteak Florentine style, spicy aged cheeses or dark chocolate.
Serving temperature: 16–18 °C.
Aging potential: 5 years.


Variety: Blaufränkisch


Story: Legend of two star-crossed lovers, an oak tree and a cradle. Legend has it that the handsome young Count Maria Alexander Auersperg fell in love with a beautiful but penniless girl. His parents opposed the match, and their romance remained ill-fated. The young count ultimately married a girl of his station. But before this, he promised his true love to cut down the mighty oak under which they secretly shared so many happy moments, and use the wood to make a cradle for his first-born. The count kept his promise and the oak cradle was used for his son Anton Alexander Auersperg who went on to become a famous poet in his own right and a close friend of Slovenia’s greatest poet France Prešeren. Bound by a shared love for the written word, the two men were also fond of the wine coming from Auersperg’s wine cellar. Today, the cradle is displayed in the National Museum of Slovenia, but the story lives on in the vaults of the Klet Krško wine cellar and is passed down the generations through the Blaufränkisch.

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