TURN Premium Sauvignon 0,75 L

12,90 €

Colour, nose and palate

Colour: medium golden yellow with greenish hues.
Nose: intense varietal character, tomato leaf, citrus, elder and passionfruit.
Palate: full-bodied, mineral, drinkable.

Sommelier recommends

Food pairing: baked trout, asparagus dishes, spicy rustic cheeses.
Serving temperature: 10–12°C.
Aging potential: 3 years.


Variety: Sauvignon Blanc


Story: The millstone as a symbol of progress, energy and motion. Our Turn Premium Sauvignon features a bottle design with a millstone signifying progress, energy and motion. The story of the millstone is interlinked with the story of the Trappist monks, a religious order named after La Trappe Abbey in France. In the 19th century, Trappist monks settled in Rajhenburg Castle and immediately began renovations on the grand building. This activity gave new momentum to the surrounding area and heralded bold new ideas and its economic development. The monks built a 3 km water system to supply the castle with running water and a water line to the stables and gardens. In 1896, two new buildings for the chocolaterie and liqueur manufacture were added. This required lighting and power, so a mini power plant was set up at the foot of the castle in the former mill previously owned by Count Auersperg. This was the very first power plant in the area. Aside from the land around the castle, the order also owned vineyards and large cellars in Sremič, and introduced the French variety Sauvignon Blanc to the vineyards on the Sremič location.

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