Zeleni silvanec (Grüner Silvaner), 0.75 L

7,20 € 5,04 €

Rare in local vineyards, seldom found bottled alone, it usually ends up in blends. Still, those who favour gentle, subtly aromatic and smooth wines should definitely have a taste. The general perception of this (un)familiar variety perhaps, though it offers much more: a radiant yellow color, a nicely structured and faithful aroma of apple, ripe pear, vineyard peach and pineapple, caressing the palate with a full, ripe and long acidity. Softness is another one of its qualities, making it a solid serving contender.

Sommelier recommends

Food pairing: Welschriesling's suggestions hold true for the Grüner Silvaner as well, being a suitable aperitif and going splendidly with fresh or young cheese. The richness of our Silvaner allows for more demanding and spicier dishes, too, harmonizing nicely with poultry, seafood, fish, risotto, creamy pasta ...
Serving temperature: from 10 to 12 °C

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