As the name implies, this line offers a step up from the Classic one. All three wines are sealed with cork, with serious intentions of aging for many more years in case you'd like to keep them. You won't find them in retail chains, only in wine shops, and they're intended primarily for the hospitality industry. Grüner Silvaner and Pinot Blanc are aged in stainless steel to preserve the best amount of freshness and fruitiness. Blaufränkisch is aged in large oak barrels, a tenth or so in barriques, leaving light sensations of wood spiced up by the refined touch of the barrique.

Zeleni silvanec Premium (Grüner Silvaner), 0.75 l

An expected progression from the Classic line. The colour is nearly golden, contributed by over-ripe grapes. On the nose it is ripe and fruity, full and elegant, hinting at pear and pineapple, then at nuts and almonds. A richness that surprises in the Grüner Silvaner, apparently capable of such feats in skilled hands. On top of it all, it receives enough freshness from the sparkly mature acidity it'll easily keep for quite a couple of years. A wine for every occasion, with a long and clear finish.

Food Pairing

We can repeat the advice served with the Classic Grüner Silvaner, only that the Premium is perhaps wasted as an aperitif. In short: white wine for white meats and what's similar. The old rule still holds true. Since the Premium has a fuller body that the Classic, the accompanying dishes can be fuller too, savoury and seasoned.

Serving temperature

from 11 to 13 °C

Internet order

Zeleni silvanec Premium 0,75 l 9,60 €


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