About us

Where tradition and the present walk hand in hand.

Klet Krško

Making a mark on this land

for almost a century. Inspired by local

myths and legends, drawing from

our rich history and unique culture,

we have been crafting a success

story of fine wine and gastronomy.

History of the Krško Agricultural Cooperative

It all started in 1928.

  • 1928
    The Kostanjevica na Krki wine-growers' cooperative is founded.
  • 1972
    Launch of bottling Cviček, continuing into the present day.
  • 1981
    Relocation to the present-day site: the wine cellar of the castle Šrajbarski turn (from 1770) in Leskovec near Krško.
  • 1993
    The foundation of today's Krško Agricultural Cooperative.
  • 2002
    Setting up the bottling and packaging line, considered cutting-edge at that time in Slovenia.
  • 2020
    Launching the Turn line, spanning from no-fuss to complex wines.
Šrajbarski Turn Castle
Inspired by the past

“The Klet Krško winery is located in the old castle cellar in the immediate vicinity of Šrajbarski Turn Castle and the Auersperg family mausoleum. Had it not been for this illustrious family who resided in this area from 1653 until 1903, Klet Krško’s wine cellar would not be what it is today. One man stands out in particular: Count Anton Alexander Auersperg aka Anastasius Grün possessed a shrewd business mind and a refined sensibility for culture and art, imbuing the castle’s wine cellar with a certain je ne sais quoi. At one point, the mighty vaults hosted Slovenia’s finest poet France Prešeren. Today, we draw inspiration from the castle’s storied past and the people who have left their mark on it.”

Count Anton Alexander Auersperg (1806–1876) was the owner of Šrajbarski Turn Castle, a poet and politician who left a political and cultural mark. He published several collections of poetry and translations, and after Prešeren’s death, he penned a famous obituary to him.

The Old Castle Cellar – today’s wine cellar is located in the old castle cellar from 1770. Even in days of yore, the cellar made notable wines. It is our privilege to continue this tradition.

Linija Turn – the name is an homage to Šrajbarski Turn.

Our values


The journey starts in the vineyard. Year after year, we work hard with our cooperative winegrowers to produce the very best grapes for crafting wines that mirror the essence of the Dolenjska winegrowing district.


As a cooperative, we are a hub of almost 200 winegrowing families, ensuring that the winegrowing tradition is passed on from one generation to the next.


The result of years of experience intertwined with cutting-edge technology, our wines are a revelation, boasting a full body and fruity aromas.

Our mission

To make wines that bring joy and happiness to everyone enjoying them.

The team

Every fine wine is made by fine people

Driven by passion and unwavering dedication, we strive to tap into the full potential of the Dolenjska and Bizelje-Sremič sites to bring out the best in our wines. Empowered by expertise, state-of-the-art technology, an in-house lab we pursue our passion for top-tier quality.

A team committed to excellence.
  • Jure Grubar
    Director and oenologist
  • Rok Dvojmoč
    Cellar manager
  • Gašper Repše
    Vineyard manager
  • Tjaša Metelko
  • Mojca Kranjec
  • Sabina Hotko
    General financial
Prizes and awards

Our wines regularly win top awards both nationally and internationally.

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