Kraljevska penina (‘Royal sparkling wine’)

Kraljevska Penina or "royal sparkling wine" is prepared according to the méthode classique or Champagne method, as befits its title.

Kraljevska penina (‘Royal Sparkling Wine’), 0.75 l

In an appropriate glass – though not necessarily thin and tulip-shaped but also of more rounded and ampler shapes – you'll witness a playful dance of fine bubbles, swirling from the bottom to the top to create an alluring necklace on the surface, vanishing to make room for new ones. The royal sparkling wine, Kraljevska Penina, is prepared according to the classic Champagne method. The tiny bubbles whisper of quality: the finer and more delicate they are, the greater and more mature the sparkling wine. The bouquet is clear and fruity-fresh, with hints of cherry, raspberry and blackberry. On the palate it appears quite serious, defying the fact that the base wine is, in fact, the cheerful Cviček.

Food Pairing

Kraljevska Penina is best recommended as an aperitif. The pleasant acidity and sizzling bubbles will excite the taste buds, propping up the appetite, precisely the mission of any good aperitif. Fresh strawberries are a great addition here. Another option is to serve the wine as part of dessert, a final touch of delectable sweetness, especially with modestly sweet fruit pies, strudel or sponge cake.

Serving temperature

from 6 to 8 °C

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