We also call these superior quality wines or botrytis wines, since their outstanding character is contributed by noble rot or in short the Botrytis. Noble rot, isn't that an oxymoron? In special wines not at all, a necessity even. Nature works in mysterious ways. Unveil them by tasting our predicate wines, which don't emerge from the vineyard on just any vintage. Many things must go right, from perfectly healthy grapes to dry yet misty weather dragging deep into the autumn or early winter, and some hungry wild game to boot. Ice wine, on the other hand, requires frost during just the right season. Predicate wines – rare, phenomenal and unique.

Laški rizling, izbor (Welschriesling, Auslese) 0.5 l

On the scale of special or predicate wines, late picking comes first, followed by the selection. The grapes are supposed to be over-ripe with some noble rot, in Latin the Botrytis cinerea. The selection is picked from the very best, ripest parts of the clusters. The result is a rich golden colour, botrytis notes of dry fruit, nuts and raisins, in the aroma and finish especially so. The wine softly envelops the palate and keeps lasting. It is amazing to see what nature can do in its wisdom, if only man is willing to listen.

Food Pairing

Searching for harmony between sweet wines and dishes is based on a simple rule: the sweeter the dessert, the sweeter the wine to go along. Or put another way, if the wine is less sweet and extract-heavy, the dessert should be less complex and lighter on the sugar, too. For the Welschriesling Selection, top choices are sponge cake with fruit, apple or another type of pie, strudel of all kinds, potica cake ... How about millet porridge with dry fruit? Worth a try!

Serving temperature

from 13 to 15 °C

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