Every wine has its story

Those who swear by the secrets of nature believe that water, soil and trees have their own memory. And if nature carries one, then certainly so does wine. Within flows the love, yearning, passion, happiness, tragedy and hope of the land. Within swirl the stories of the people, and of life itself.

The splendid tale of the old castle cellar

We've been present in Krško for nearly a century now, making our activity an integral part of the milieu in which we operate. The surroundings, with their fascinating history, unique culture, myths and legends, in turn help us create a story of success with our cellar and wines.

Revival of old myths and legends

Klet Krško wine cellar and the Vinoteka Turn wine shop reside in the immediate vicinity of the Šrajbarski Turn Castle and the mausoleum of the Auersperg nobility, two cultural monuments of national importance. Without this illustrious family, living and working in the region between the years 1653 and 1903, Klet Krško would not be what it is. Especially worth noting was count Anton Alexander von Auersperg (Anastasius Grün), whose penchant for trade combined with extraordinary cultural and artistic sensibility, giving his wine cellar a special character and attracting into its embrace the greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešeren. Throughout centuries, Klet Krško wine cellar has thus collected a treasury of stories, myths and legends bubbling beneath the veil of the past, patiently waiting to be reenacted as wine stories. This is precisely our mission.

The legend of forbidden love, the child, the oak and the cradle

This legend tells of young count Maria Alexander Auersperg and his great love for a beautiful peasant girl, an impossible romance cut short by his parents' opposition. The count eventually married a noble bride, whilst promising his heart's chosen to cut down the mighty oak tree under which they had spent their secret moments of joy, working it into a cradle for his firstborn. The count kept his oath, setting into that oaken cradle his son Anton Alexander Auersperg, who became a noted poet and personal friend of Slovenia's poetry great France Prešeren. The two shared a vibrant love for literature and the exquisite wines maturing in the Auersperg castle cellar.

The cradle is now on display in the National Museum of Slovenia, while the legend lives on in the Klet Krško wine cellar, imbuing our Blaufränkisch with its passion and passing between generations.

An inspiring friendship between the poet and the count

Another tale of Šrajbarski Turn Castle, in 19th century the property of Anton Alexander Auersperg, lover of culture and the arts. In his youth already the count made friends with France Prešeren, greatest Slovenian poet, trying his own hand at crafting verse. Due to the age difference between them, Prešeren called the young noble a greenhorn or Green Anastasius in jest, and so Anton Alexander Auersperg, a poet in his own right, is now in scholarly circles known by the sobriquet Anastasius Grün. The two companions spent long hours in the wine cellar, then owned by the house Auersperg, now renowned as Klet Krško. Its exquisite wines contributed to many an artful verse of poetry, while our Grüner Silvaner now proudly boasts the name of the lyrical count.

A Toast by Prešeren and its origins

When and where exactly France Prešeren wrote A Toast, his famous carmen figuratum and our national anthem, is shrouded in mystery. What's certain is that Prešeren was mightily fond of wine, gladly reaching for a glass or two to stir his poetic inspiration. He particularly enjoyed wine from Leskovec (now Klet Krško wine cellar), maturing in the cellar of his friend Anastasius Grün. When joined by Andrej Smole, another wordsmith of the age, the merry company drank, debated and discussed the letters with lively enthusiasm, forging artful verses and witty lines.

The story of two legends: Cviček wine and Krškopolje pig

Cviček tells the story of the vineyard nourished by the home soil, of growth, the coming of age and of love. It reveals the secrets in the palms of the people who carefully picked each grape, tending to their ruby nectar for centuries with affection, sharing it with their friends and family. By the wine they made merry, socialized, they loved and sometimes cried, too. All this is revealed by Cviček to those willing to listen. Like Cviček wine, the Krškopolje pig (the single preserved indigenous Slovene pig breed) also has its local story. The breed was nearly lost due to unwieldy legislation yet stubbornly persevered. Today, it is widely considered a culinary specialty. In the Klet Krško wine cellar we are fond of both – our Cviček and our Krškopolje pig, together presenting a veritable local treasure for passionate gourmands.

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