We also call these superior quality wines or botrytis wines, since their outstanding character is contributed by noble rot or in short the Botrytis. Noble rot, isn't that an oxymoron? In special wines not at all, a necessity even. Nature works in mysterious ways. Unveil them by tasting our predicate wines, which don't emerge from the vineyard on just any vintage. Many things must go right, from perfectly healthy grapes to dry yet misty weather dragging deep into the autumn or early winter, and some hungry wild game to boot. Ice wine, on the other hand, requires frost during just the right season. Predicate wines – rare, phenomenal and unique.

Modra frankinja, suhi jagodni izbor (Blaufränkisch, Trockenbeerenasulese), 0.375 L

Predicate wines from red varieties are rare, especially of such superior quality. We've made one and we're mighty proud of it, especially since the Blaufränkisch is an indigenous Slovenian variety, as was established by top German viticulture experts and ceded even by the Austrians who'd once more or less considered Blaufränkisch their own. The trockenbeerenauslese proves the variety is capable of many marvels, providing enough courage and patience. This one made us wait till the Epiphany, so that picking took place at the start of 2013. The oily soft sweet wine first impresses with the clarity of its amber colour before delighting the nose with notes of honey and dry fruit, with long and persistent enjoyment on the palate, even more so with the finish. Dessert in a bottle, a standalone treat meant for slow enjoyment, meditation and admiration.

Food Pairing

The final sentence of the wine's description could do. Yet, no harm in sampling other ways of enjoyment. With such wine you can't really miss, as long as you observe the fundamental sommelier rules mentioned under the descriptions of the other predicates. In short: sweet goes with sweet, elaborate dishes seek their equals, and that's that! A rich dessert of dark chocolate pairs well with a richly structured wine, being sweet, bitter and fatty all at once. How about some Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Stilton cheese? Of course, noble rot here finds its companion. You'll love it!

Serving temperature

from 13 to 15 °C

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Modra frankinja suhi jagodni izbor 0,375 l, 2012 61,00 €


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