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Cviček embodies the Dolenjska landscape and people

Distinct folks like to thread their own path, unique and instantly compelling. 
This is how Cviček is like – an indigenous specialty of Dolenjska that has been faithfully characterizing this place for centuries. And vice versa.

Cviček is easy to love, being light, drinkable, fresh and lively.
It never disappoints, an embodiment of the Dolenjska landscape and spirit.

Few words are required to describe its great qualities – it is the people's wine, a favourite we hold dear to our hearts.

Krško Cviček with tradition

The Klet Krško wine cellar has been making Cviček for over half a century, meaning we've come to fully grasp its whims, expressing and bottling it to perfection. Our Cviček liter has been the golden standard of the wine and its style, with consistent quality throughout decades making it Slovenia's most popular and trusted Cviček.

Naturally, as this is OUR CVIČEK.
One and only.

Cviček is a down-to-earth and passionate eater

Cviček isn't picky when it comes to dishes, pairing best with simple ones that simply taste great. It shines brightest in the company of traditional foods, where it's able to fully express its nature. Cviček is a jolly fellow, biting with delight into home Carniolan sausage, dry meats, stews and hot pots, while freshly complementing straightforward daily dishes. A perfect match are treats made with the Krškopolje pig, a culinary pair that presents a veritable local treasure for passionate gourmands.

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