We also call these superior quality wines or botrytis wines, since their outstanding character is contributed by noble rot or in short the Botrytis. Noble rot, isn't that an oxymoron? In special wines not at all, a necessity even. Nature works in mysterious ways. Unveil them by tasting our predicate wines, which don't emerge from the vineyard on just any vintage. Many things must go right, from perfectly healthy grapes to dry yet misty weather dragging deep into the autumn or early winter, and some hungry wild game to boot. Ice wine, on the other hand, requires frost during just the right season. Predicate wines – rare, phenomenal and unique.

Sauvignon Blanc, Ice wine, 0.375 l

Ice wine belongs at the top of the predicate pyramid, reigning alongside the trockenbeerenauslese. Some prefer one, some the other, be as it may, we hold them in equally high regard. Like the dry grape harvest, the ice harvest requires many favourable conditions, most important in this case being severe cold. Frost seven degrees below zero or more, for several consecutive days. The colder it is, the more frozen water will remain in the press, extracting just nectar thick as honey, holding concentrated the essence of the grape. This is followed by painstaking fermentation, which keeps on going and going since yeast isn't too lively in a must of such density. Still, it does what it needs to do. Surprisingly enough, ice wine Sauvignon still keeps its varietal charter. A bouquet of dry hay, invoking sensations of hayracks in cold winter, then herbal notes, honey, dry fruit and raisins, in an empty glass also tarragon. On the palate, wine lovers are pampered by sweet softness and juiciness. So much quality, and still at the foot of its rise!

Food Pairing

Predicate wines are desserts on their own, and they don't necessarily require a sweet accomplice. The higher the predicate, the less need for pastry. But if you would still like to enjoy one, here are some proposals: impressions of tarragon instantly bring to mind a contender, tarragon potica cake, a traditional Slovenian treat. In general, don't skimp on the sugar yet don't overdo it either. Raisins, dry fruit and honey are favourites here.

Serving temperature

from 13 to 15 °C

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Sauvignon ledeno vino 0,375 l, 2003 125,00 €


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