We also call these superior quality wines or botrytis wines, since their outstanding character is contributed by noble rot or in short the Botrytis. Noble rot, isn't that an oxymoron? In special wines not at all, a necessity even. Nature works in mysterious ways. Unveil them by tasting our predicate wines, which don't emerge from the vineyard on just any vintage. Many things must go right, from perfectly healthy grapes to dry yet misty weather dragging deep into the autumn or early winter, and some hungry wild game to boot. Ice wine, on the other hand, requires frost during just the right season. Predicate wines – rare, phenomenal and unique.

Sauvignon, suhi jagodni izbor (Sauvignon Blanc, Trockenbeerenauslese), 0.375 l

Sauvignon all the way, from the selection to the trockenbeerenauslese (wines from selected dry berries). What's left to desire? Try this one, too, and compare. The amber colour exemplifies the top of the predicate pyramid. Higher up, there's nothing but the sky and starry delights. Have you gazed into crystal-clear amber yet? Around it, a swirling promenade of notes, coming and going, dancing, joining and separating. Take your time for this wine, for it keeps surprising with new discoveries, opening up like a flower, expanding and charming with hints of peppermint, balm, rosemary, almonds, raisins, dry figs and honey. You might even discover others, as the wine simply never ends. On the palate it is soft and oily, not oversweet since the lively acidity shows itself equal to the ample sugar. The finish pleases with hazelnut and walnut notes. You ask how all this is possible? The miracle of nature and diligent hands.

Food Pairing

Let us go on where the Sauvignon Blanc Selection wrapped up. We're now serving a wine gem, a magnificently structured jewel with a fine interplay between sugar and acidity. An equally opulent dessert is advised. Don't fear any icky sweetishness between the two, since the Sauvignon's acidity will nicely rinse out the palate. Hint: potica cake with hazelnuts, walnuts, honey, raisins, figs and other things that go into it. Cake is great as well, Sachertorte for example or any that's heavy on rich chocolate. As an alternative, try also noble mould cheese.

Serving temperature

from 13 to 15 °C

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