Turn Classic Prešerno 0,75L

7,20 €

White blend from Dolenjska with a modern take

Refreshing and drinkable wines have always been the go-to for everyday moments. They pair well with a wide variety of dishes and suit many occassions. Updated with a modern take, Prešerno fits the bill perfectly.

Colour, nose and palate

Colour: yellowish green hues.
Nose: fruity notes, citrus.
Palate: harmonious, full-bodied, creamy.

Sommelier recommends

Food pairing: kot osvežilna spremljava k sirom, ribam, zelenjavi in perutnini na žaru.
Serving temperature: 10–12 °C.
Aging potential: 2 years.


Variety: Kraljevina, Welschriesling, Rumeni Plavec


Story: How did Prešeren’s poem A Toast come about? The details of when, how and where exactly Prešeren wrote the famous Toast are shrouded in mystery. What we know for sure though is that France Prešeren loved to have a drink or two and his inspiration never ran dry. He was especially fond of the wine from the cellars of Leskovec Castle (today Klet Krško) owned by his dear friend Anastasius Grün. With Andrej Smole completing the trio, the men, intoxicated by wine and the power of poetry, discussed literature and composed many a sophisticated rhyme.

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