Turn Classic Rumeni muškat (Yellow Muscat) 0.75L

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Colour, nose and palate

Colour: light yellow with greenish reflections.
Nose: rose, elderflower, peach, apricot.
Palate: fruity, harmony of flavour.

Sommelier recommends

Food pairing: as an aperitif, with light desserts.
Serving temperature: 10–12 °C.
Aging potential: 2 years.


Variety: Yellow Muscat


Story: A tale of floral still life emanating aroma and flavor The TURN line of wines grows even richer with the addition of the first still wine of a sweeter note, which carries a touch of female grace. The delicate but enchanting floral aroma of the Krško muscat tells the story of a young, beautiful and talented artist, a descendant of one of the most renowned noble families in Europe at the time. In the 19th century, painting and horticulture were intimately linked, their connection never before or after as intricately balanced as in the life and work of Countess Marija Auersperg Attems. Her beauty and virtue may have faded with time but her paintings remain – the flower still life pieces she painted without any formal training bear witness to her exquisite talent and love for nature. The only constant in her varied painted bouquets are roses, which also dominated the exuberant garden of Šrajbarski Turn Castle. A blend of the Countess' artistic œuvre and our passion for winemaking, Turn Classic Rumeni muškat is a new favourite at ladies' get-togethers although its distinct varietal charm is equally irresistible to male afficionados of sweeter wines.

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