As the name implies, this line offers a step up from the Classic one. All three wines are sealed with cork, with serious intentions of aging for many more years in case you'd like to keep them. You won't find them in retail chains, only in wine shops, and they're intended primarily for the hospitality industry. Grüner Silvaner and Pinot Blanc are aged in stainless steel to preserve the best amount of freshness and fruitiness. Blaufränkisch is aged in large oak barrels, a tenth or so in barriques, leaving light sensations of wood spiced up by the refined touch of the barrique.

TURN Premium Modra frankinja (Blaufränkisch) 0,75 l

Since the winegrowing region of Posavje offers Blaufränkisch highly suitable grounds, it would have been sinful not to feature it prominently in the region's major cellar, even four versions of this variety which is in fact Slovenian in origin, as noted by distinguished German ampelographers. Among all the red varieties, Blaufränkisch has the greatest content of the antioxidant resveratrol, beneficial to health as it lowers bad cholesterol, protects the heart and reduces cancer risk. There's even more to the variety: a bouquet of ripe berries, black cherry and leather intertwining with the gentle notes of oak, the tannins luxurious yet rope and soft, delighting the taste buds with intense magnificent flavour and a long, lasting finish. The shelf life is long as well, at least another five years.

Food Pairing

First, let's have a look at the wine. The tannins, which mostly come from the grape skins and pips providing maceration took some time, and in small degree also from the oak of the barrels, will dry the mouth. Take a sip of Blaufränkisch, swish it around and you'll feel your mouth drying right away. A perfect solution, then, is a juicy piece of meat in any sauce or gravy. Now you're overflowing with juiciness and ready to dry your mouth with the next sip of wine, a game that continues till you're done with your plate and your glass, both. Simply hedonistic!

Serving temperature

from 16 to 18 °C

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