Discover the unique Blaufränkisch


Slovenian indigenous variety

Although Blaufränkisch originates from the area around Slovenske Konjice as proven by the Julius Kühn Institute, today 75% of this variety in Slovenia grows in the wine-growing region of Posavje. As it happens, our Blaufränkisch-dominant vineyards are located right here.


Blaufränkisch grapes

A red variety that perfectly reflects the terroir and offers a wide range of wine styles. To add complexity to our premium lines, Klet Krško has fully tapped into its ageing potential. Out of our varieties, Blaufränkisch boasts the largest leaf, with moderately serrated margins. It can also be distinguished by its slightly reddish and smooth shoot tips. The cylindrical clusters grow large, yielding deep blue berries.


From no-fuss to premium wines

Blaufränkisch is touted for its varietal fruity aromas and its potential to produce exquisite wine. Our establishment uses it for blends – starting with Cviček, sparkling wines and best aged wines. Our premium lines take it a step further – they are made from grapes from our own vineyards growing high above Krško in the Sremič wine-growing site.


Delightful notes of ripe soft fruits.



Black cherry

Dark chocolate

Profil okusa
12,0 - 14,0 vol. % alkohola


Blaufränkisch for an exquisite dining experience

Blaufränkisch is a grape variety that pairs well with many dishes. Its fruity notes and subtle acidity go well with many food flavours and textures.

Sommeliers recommend the following dishes with Blaufränkisch:

Grilled beef fillet with vegetables

Risotto with truffles

Semi-hard cheese with figs

Grilled salmon

What’s our oenologist’s take

We believe in the extraordinary potential of Blaufränkisch

“A Slovenian indigenous variety full of untapped potential. Klet Krško embarked on this exciting journey after realizing that we have the ideal conditions for this variety – from having our own winegrowing surfaces, producing minimal yields, the right terroir and microclimate, consistently implementing the processing and further maturation technology on the lees, and, finally, having a strong drive to produce top-notch wines.”

Our finest

Turn Gourmet Blaufränkisch

In terms of the Gourmet line, the Blaufränkisch virtually comes from a single vineyard, although it stretches across a total of five hectares. We can pinpoint sites with the best clones, those where grapes ripen better, and as such have developed ninja-level skills when it comes to the right timing. We keep the vineyard-to-cellar journey short, ensure gentle processing and ageing in real wood barrels.

Our full Blaufränkisch range

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