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Most websites use cookies to provide better user experience and to analyze the use of the website.

Cookies are text files, which a website saves on the user’s device (computer, tablet, phone). With their help, the site remembers information about visit (for example, the selected language and other settings). Thus, the next visit to the same site can be more useful and easier.

We use cookies to ensure the website’s performance ( and they do not harm you, your files or your device in any way.

We use cookies to provide our website visitors as smooth and enjoyable user experience as possible. By analyzing the usage of the website (such as which pages are most frequently visited, the number of visitors…) we can offer you fresh, more useful content and make it easier to use our website. Cookies do not record any personal data and do not collect information that would enable user identification.

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Our site uses the following cookies:


Our website uses cookies that are technically necessary for performance of the website and are therefore enabled by default. Consent for using them is automatic, by using the website, as we do not collect any personal information about the visitors of the website.

Cookie Name
Validity/ expiry
Keeps information about whether or not you have allowed cookies
1 year
This cookie is needed to provide security (for example, detecting incorrect entries to prevent misuse of sign-in systems)
1 year
Session cookie


Analytical cookies will be send to your browser only with your consent. Your consent will allow us to analyze the usage of the website (Google Analytics). You can revoke your consent at any time, using the form below.

Cookie name
Validity/ expiry
Service provider
Google Analytics (website traffic statistics)
2 years
Google Inc.
Google Analytics (website traffic statistics)
1 minute Google Inc.
Google Analytics (website traffic statistics)
1 day Google Inc.

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